Consistent and continuous director involvement. With all our clients, either Collins or Alfred will be involved and active on your business. The growth of your businessdepends on your relationship with your bank. It is a fact because you need a current account to manage your finances. Without a bank account, financerswill be unable to inject working capital to your business. Hence, your businesswill lose those juicy customers including government tenders which require youto have enough capital to serve them. There is a time where you need to buyAssets, such as Motor vehicles and machinery through banks. If you are familiarwith above statements, you will have realized that most Finance applicationshave been declined due to financial statement presentation.

At Collins Sebola Inc, the director is a Banker-Accountant. We call him aBanker-Accountant because banks refers their clients to him to get assistance inpreparing finance applications. This is so because Collins has worked for ABSABank and FNB as a Relationship Manager. As a Relationship Manager he washelping people get the most from their money, make the right choices and maketheir money work for them. He was the number one resource for customers to getadvice on their accounts. This would range from their account details to advice onthe best financial service for them. He had to assess each business client needs and accounts as well as generating new business and clients.

Speaking with customers was a large part of his day to day work, either over thephone, on the email or face to face. He would set up a meeting with them, discusstheir financial needs and details and keep records, negotiate over financialproducts and keep his clients well informed and advised at all times.

He had to review and accept or deny applications for bank overdraft facilities,investigate applicants’ credit histories, set credit limits and arrangements forpayment and manage collections for overdue accounts. Credit must only begranted to those believed to be trustworthy and dependable to pay the moneyback. Proper steps must be taken to pursue legal action against those whorefuse to pay delinquent accounts. As a manager, a regular part of his jobinvolved receiving financial statements from clients, assessing them and grantingoverdrafts of up to R50 000. Any application for over R50 000 I had to refer to theRegional Credit Department with recommendation as to why we should give theclient.